> When to Plant a New Lawn

We live in New England, which creates some interesting challenges when it comes to landscaping. So when is the best time to plant a new lawn? The short answer is: mid-April to May, or mid-September to early October. Ultimately, fall is the best time to seed a new lawn. And here’s why…
The ideal soil temperature for grass seed to germinate is around 65°F. This temperature is typically reached in mid-spring and early fall. However,  crabgrass starts to germinate around 55°F which means even if you seed in the spring, your lawn may compete with crabgrass without targeted treatment from the very beginning.
Weeds start to germinate between 55°F and 60°F and they flourish when temps start to exceed 80°F. This becomes even more apparent as grass growth slows down when the soil temps rise above 80°F. Conditions which also contribute to rapid weed growth include thin grass, over-watering, frequent and light watering, mower blades set too low, or overly compacted soil.
 So, why is fall best? Summer tends to be hot and dry. Once that period ends, the weeds (and insects) become less prevalent. The morning dew keeps seed beds moist, and the rate of evaporation is slowed thanks to the less intense rays of the sun. The combination of warm soil temperatures and cool rains create conditions which would please even Goldilocks—in other words, “just right!” We see similar conditions in spring but remember, crabgrass and weeds have begun to germinate before grass can even get going.
 There are plenty of other factors you should consider which will contribute to your lawn results. Soil with a low pH, for example, will not help you grow a lawn effectively. Inconsistent watering will contribute to weed growth. This is one of the reasons why we recommend installing an in-ground sprinkler system which can easily be adjusted for optimal, seasonal watering schedules.
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